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Best Execution

Odey Wealth Management (UK) Limited (“Odey”) is required under Regulatory Technical Standard 28 of the MiFID II Regulation (RTS28) to publish annual reports which set out the quality of execution obtained by Odey on behalf of its clients for each class of financial instrument traded in the previous calendar year.

Odey has set out below in its qualitative report the overarching observations and conclusions from its monitoring of the execution of orders in each of the prescribed asset classes. In addition, there are individual quantitative reports for each asset class which show the top five execution counterparties expressed as a percentage of Odey’s total execution volumes and executed orders in that specific asset class.

Odey executes all of its orders through Odey Asset Management LLP’s (“OAM”) centralised dealing desk and for the purposes of disclosure under RTS28 is the sole execution counterparty for all asset classes traded. However, in the interest of greater transparency Odey has elected to display its top five execution counterparties per asset class on a look through basis consolidated with trades executed by OAM on behalf of its clients.

Quality of Execution Annual Report

Individual execution reports

Currency Derivatives - Swaps, forwards and other currency derivatives

Debt instruments - Money Market Instruments

Equities – Shares and Depositary Receipts

Equity Derivatives – Options and Futures admitted to trading on a trading venue

Equity Derivatives – Swaps and other equity derivatives

Individual execution reports with low volumes of trade

Credit Derivatives – Futures and options admitted to trading on a trading venue

Currency Derivatives – Futures and options admitted to trading on a trading venue

Debt Instruments – Bonds

Exchange Traded Products

Interest Rates Derivatives – Futures and Options

Interest Rates Derivatives – Swaps, forwards and other interest rates derivatives

Other Instruments

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